Does your products come with warranty? If yes, how long?

Yes! All our products are covered by local manufacturer/supplier warranty since all of them are 100% original. You can register warranty online or offline based on your preference as if you are buying from an electrical chain store! For the coverage period, it depends on the product, so do check out the warranty period stated in our individual product page or in the box when you received the goods.


What to do if I want to claim warranty?

You can claim the warranty by contacting the supplier on your own, and they will advise you on what to do based on the product you bought. Contact us at 03-5882 1469 during our working hours if you are unsure how to contact the suppliers and we will guide you step by step.


Can I just ship the item back to you and you help me to claim the warranty?

As much as we would like to help, there are a few limitations that you must abide if you would like our help to claim the warranty on your behalf:

  1. Costplus Online Sdn Bhd will NOT be liable for any damages / lost caused during ANY of the transit from you to us, from us to supplier, from supplier to us, and from us to you.

  2. Costplus Online Sdn Bhd will ONLY be covering the shipping fee that is from us to supplier. You can choose to use your own courier or use our return shipping label to ship the item back to us, but you will be required to bear the shipping fee to send the item back to us, and from us to you. If you choose to use our return shipping label, we will inform the shipping fee required and the amount must be bank in to us before shipping back the item to us.

  3. We will check the item sent back to us before we send it back to the supplier to claim for warranty. If the item is found to be have no issue, we will send back the same item back to you, with shipping fee borne by you for both trips.

  4. You are required to send the receipt and warranty card (if applicable) back to us as if you are claiming warranty directly from the supplier. We still need full details of your warranty in order for us to claim on your behalf.

  5. You need to agree that due to the process is more complicated for us to claim warranty from supplier, the lead time for the item to be repaired / replaced for you will be varying from 1 to 6 months. We will not entertain any demands for us to return the item in good working condition before the supplier gets back to us or replace a new item at our cost at any point of time.